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Need to put water every 50miles or so
Why wont the key turn in the Ignition, just happened
Cruise control doesn't work passenger side window only goes up/down on driver side. And the back windows won't open
I checked the radio fuse located under the steering wheel but it didn't look blown but I replaced it anyway. Is there a fuse for the radio in the fuse box under the hood?
Trying to swap rear hatch doors from a 97 dodge caravan sport to a 98 dodge caravan
the lights start flashing on and off and the horn keeps blowing and cant figure it out
My friend had a garage put an alternator on and they replaced the belt too, altough they did not replace the idler or tensionor. A week to the day the belt flew off and some how broke the earlets for the a.c.. Can I just downsize the belt and have it safe? I've been trying to fix it for 5 days and even jbweld didn't stick. So I can't mount the bypass pully. Need more thoughts!!!!! Please help!!
Won't go over 5 mph
noticed 2 days ago my doors would not unlock but would lock. I took off the positive cable to restaret an knw no lights on dashboard dead I need help
After pressing it a few times, it starts working. Has any shops in your network seen this type of problem before? If so, please provide estimate on repairing this. Thanks!
Both vehicles are 1998 Dodge Caravans.
Not all the time
Over the last few days I have noticed that my temperature gauge has been fluctuating. It never goes hot, it only goes down from the center point that it usually rests at. Today it won't go higher than just above the coldest spot on the gauge. What could cause this? A fuse, a sensor? Please, any help is much appreciated.
During my drive up from Branson to Springfield a loud bang came from engine in shifting and then smoke blew out of my exhaust and engine. I believe I cracked my engine block? If so how much is it to repair?
Id like to know where fuse box is also
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