1997 Dodge Caravan Questions

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Coil pack over heats after a short period. Too much voltage! What is supposed to drop voltage?
Like resin used to
interchangeable parts
3.3 l engine, transmission,doors,wheels and tires etc...
1997 Dodge Caravan, 3.8L engine ... I had to have the alternator replaced as it seized up and was burning up the belt (so the belt was replaced too, of course.) However, what I am wondering is ... is there ANY reason why the "freon" (refrigerant) would have to be let out in order to do this work?
Ran errands came home van was running fine. A little later was going to go somewhere and engine turned over but wasn't firing
I need to clean the throttle body to see if that is why my van won't idle in gear and sometimes idles in park but I need to fix this dying problem.
Van was turning on and driving fine. wanted to use the car later on later on the same day and all of a sudden I turn the key in the ignition and all I hear is a click sounds I Checked my battery and my lights come on
I have noticed the problem (overheating on hot days - coolant from the overflow) has gotten a little more frequent as daytime temps have begun to rise this summer.
Park lamps stay on for 3 min. Off for 30sec.then back on ect. All night and day
noticed oil leak on garage floor
When the car is sitting still, the car has a rough, low idle like its going to cut off but the engine doesn't cut off. However, it only does this when the engine is warm, so starting it in the morning the idle is high and doesnt idle rough. I have a 1997 dodge caravan base model with a 4
cyl engine. What could be the cause?
New motor regulator dose not work
motor will start just the coil gets real hot to the point of melting. I have plugs put on it and sense they did that it has been getting the coil real hot
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