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the headlights and wippers dashcluster inteior lights stop working the problem comes and goes
Its on the driver side
I think it is the piston but i dosnt know if i have to take the transmission out in order to replace it
Along with above, I think it's time to replace the brain module which is attached to the fuse box below the left side steering wheel. DO YOU THINK THIS WOULD RESOLVE MY DASH BOARD ISSUES? Or should I get a computer read out on what to replace?
Whines in reverse.and won't really engage when put in the other gears.
Still feel some haet or A/c when thecar is moving at decent speed due to passive flow through but blower fan is not working . I already checked the under the hood 40 amp fuse/relay next to the battery and it's fine.
radiator fan won't comw on
The heater fan only works when the outside temperature is above 50.
We are traveling into cold weather and the rear heater blower under seat is blowing cold air there is no heat circulating in the rear vents HELP WE WANT TO GO HOME!
I have changed oil, oil filter, tires, brakes, and checked tranny. No squeaks from wheels, not really feeling held back at all. Might it be that the console computer isn't correct, or what should I try next? Thanks for any advice you can give me.
check engine light came on. we shut van off then we started it after we pulled over to walk the dog. it ran a bit jerky until speed got up to 60 then smoothed out, but the light stayed on, about 50 miles from home it started blinking then would stop then blink again. got it home. shut if off.. moved it to park over dirt driveway instead of grass...made some stuttering noises...but moved. what could be wrong??? thanks

first time this has happened.
i replaced cluster body control module speed sensor and output speed sensor with no luck what should i look for now two codes p500 and p500 pd
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