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I have noticed on my recent trip that the oil pressure will begin to drop and then recover at highway speeds. Oil is new and fresh with a filter change. There is no noise detected during the event. My oil pressure gauge show the pressure on the middle hash tag and then drop one hash tag and then begins to recover back to where it was ……….. Is the oil pump going out ? Is there an oil unit on the out side on the block ? Any help would be appreciated.
My 1994 dodge caravan started to misfire, idle low, have an extreme smell of gas come from it, aa well as blow blue smoke. The engine actually vibrates quite a bit when running. When I looked at and cleaned the fuel injectors the engine all of a sudden started to idle extremely high. What would cause this as well? The problem first started to occur once in awhile when it rained and then it corrected itself. 5 days ago it rained really hard and ever since then has not corrected itself and has gotten worse.
When i accelerate the car to 60 mph then it shakes and vibrates badly. i can feel the shake in my steering.. when i was driving in highway last time i felt like the right passanger front wheel is about to run away.. i cant see if it wobbles or not but i can tell it could be wobbling when giving that much shake.. this morning i lifted the car and tried to move up/down tie rod ends and its not moving. should i have to remove the tire before i check for bad tie rod ends? also what else could be causing the vibration?
If I turn the engine off while going down the road and turn it back on it shifts fine. It seems to do it more when its raining or there is alot of moisture in the air.
i have a gas leak it leaks out just from sitting and especially when i start it up.
What does this indicate. Instructions say take air conditioner repair station.
diagram anywhere on line
Also when you leave the key in the ingintion it doesn't beep anymore. I had a dead cell on the battery and I put a new battery in over the last weekend and that is when the problem showed up. I checked the alternator and it is charging the battery
Where can we get the ele. schematic?
The hood release lever is broken on my van. How can I pop the hood without this?
I have a '94 caravan that I love. The problem is that the driver door seems to be "off" It no longer closes completely anymore, the lock won't catch - like someone swung it open too far & it's allignment is off when closing and the side door seems to be doing the same thing. The kids climb thru the front doors or the back hatch to get in and out now. They just won't catch to close completely. I would love to just get the doors fixed in order to keep driving it but I'm not sure how much repairs will cost. Does anyone know?
Mache nic told me my transmission is not shifting from frist gear, need to just happen I was driving and all of a suden I lost speed, and not going faster then 30-35, if i push gas paddle engine make noise extra and wan't go speed more.

I have done some research on this particular transmission and have learned that many people have had spent a lot of money on repairs when it wasn't the transmission it self.... I only have 2 codes showing up in my computer 12 and 21 one is the O2 sensor and the other says that the battery has come undone in the last 5 sec .... can either of these cause it to go into LHM and if so I correct these problems will the computer register it automatically or do I need to have them wiped off of the code list
how do I replace the front Valve cover gasket
My transmission has a fault code how do I clear it ??? I was on a road trip when it happened I am not sure of the code and have read it is a common problem with that model it still shifts strong and doesn't slip what can I do ?????
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