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It's almost impossible to stop. Sometimes the light goes out, but comes back on when u step on the brake. What can this be?
do any plymouth van lifthatches fit the 1993 carivan with no hinge problems
I am near Van Horn Tx and my van leaks transmission oil. Now stopped and now runs inn high gear and stops after 5 miles.Is it my transmission?? Help?
My heater worked fine. Then a hose started leaking, the one that comes out of the firewall. Someone cut it off and plugged it for me. The part of hose they cut off had a valve in it. When I bought the hose to fix it, the guy helping me noticed it was leaking where the coolant lines had rusted out, where the bracket held them to the underbody, so he had me take the hose I had purchased back and exchange it for several feet of a generic type hose that he ran all the way down to where the leaks were in the underbody lines. There, he cut out the bad places and then just connected the new hose. I think he must've done something wrong though, because the heater still does not work and the van is still losing water. I'd like to add that the heater did not work even when the van was full of coolant, so it's more than just being low on fluid. I'm no mechanic, but I can follow directions if someone would please help me with figuring this out. For instance, I am wondering if the valve that was cut out is a necessary part for the heater to work? Thank you for your help.
comes on and stays on, besides the sensor being bad or the module and the wiring is good, what else could cause that light to stay on and would the regular brake light stay on as well even though brakes are fine and it is just the ABS system? Please reply back ASAP, this is for my electric wheelchair converted minivan in the shop now. Thank you so much.
Lesa Foster
I have a plymouth voyager, cold, it starts well, the problem when you run for a certain time,like 50 miles or so, that is when the problem arises, you don't notice it until you let go of the gas, the engine stalls and will not start, I must use starter fluid in the air intake to start it, then it can stall right after if I don't press on the gas, the problem started slowly and is getting worst,in the beginning of the problem, I was able to restart the engine (eventually) and would idle normaly until it stalled again 40 minutes later, I was tired and let it rest (I am on a trip)and ran well for 1 day until the condition got so critical(it got worst) when when hot, I must use starter fluid to start it to run (only when hot again)the bummer is I cant get towed because they wont find the problem since it will be cold and will run fine , they are plenty of power and changed the fuel pump last year because it stopped working, the motor has 165,000 miles on it and takes no oil
no check engine lights come on when the problem arises
when I unpluged the sensor on the air intake, the motor almost stalls then runs well and the check engine light up
so I figure the problem it is not that. I unplugged all the vacum cables and all it does is run more roughly

not a fun problem to have, especially when I am on a trip
My van failed emissions due to a high CO (20.03) and a high NOX (4.42). How can I get these numbers lowered in ordered to pass emissions.
My interior lights will not turn on when the door is open. When I press on the door plunger there is a clicking sound under the dash somewhere. I have the dimmer switch all the way into the on position. When the door is open a door ajar light illuminates on the intrument panel but the lights will not turn on inside the car.
what could it be when the vehicle pulls to one side; first lets eliminate the wind and if not the brake caliper grabbing, and stabilizer bar; what else could it be?
the passenger car door is completely broke, i had a friend try to fix it and he totally ruined the metal parts that connect the door to the frame so i would need a used door and both the parts for the frame and door how much would parts and labor cost me
I recently got a 93 caravan. It already had a miss so i did a acomplete tune up, plugs,wires,cap,button,air filter,fuel filter. It helped the miss but not entirely,some of the plugs 2 of them looked as if they were bad,not flooded withe gas just not firing looking. I did the code thing and it read a 12 and a 37,the 37 is a ptu solenoid which handles the tranny junk so i either read it wrong or something. it seems like thats not it although i havent changed nothing. i dont think this would make it miss at idle or all the time am i wrong.this thing has been a pain. the wife has got the monetro and i got this since it runs like crap and its myy fault. but i dont wont her to egt stranded but if i can get it goin good then im back in the saddle of the 4wd til then i need help. it hasnt died yet but runs like crap i used to like cars til my last 2 the camry hasnt moved in 2 mnths. I told you so she says....get me outta this mess, should i drive it to the scrap yard and give it up 4 a lost cause or set it on fire and roll it down the mountain.if i can get it run its by bye birdie but til then chugachugachuga off to work i go,did i mention the heater works great and it has built in car seats for the kids honey.
after a few minutes of driving, the check engine light comes on and theres a slight power surge.the instument panel get brighter and it actually blew out my high beams.I replaced the altenatorand I;m still having the problem.I checked the code and it came up with no.41
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