1992 Dodge Caravan Questions

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The van is running fine, but the 'check engine' light is still on. Is it important to have the exact year part? I am currently on a remote island and have little access, although someone did offer me a 1991 engine computer that looks similar to the original. I could also order the 1992 part if it's best to have the exact year match. Thank you for your help!
We have a 1992 Caravan with lots of wheelchair modifications for our son. The A/C will blow ice cold for 5 - 10 minutes, then it sounds as if something flaps closed and no air of any kind.

It sounds as if the system is still blowing but no air comes from the vents. If we shut if off for 5 minutes or so it'll come back on.

My son is paralyzed so we dearly need to keep the old clunker going -- there isn't money for another.

The last time I took a car in for A/C repair I got taken and want to be prepared when bringing it in, if possible.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
We were told that you have to remove the top of the engine in order to change the plugs....??
When I turn off the vehicle, back lights and fog lights will not go off. I was disconnecting the battery and now it wont stay running. I want to know where I can take it to get it fixed.
how would you know if you need a freeze plug or your engine have a cracked head
need diagrams on how to install drivers side trans axcle
I have a 1992 Dodge Dynasty and have had it since Dec 09. It's been running amazingly well for me until recently when I had to stop driving it on account of my muffler falling off. Easy fix there but now it's not starting for me. I go to turn it over and it clicks. That sounds like a starter issue but my Corvette just did the same thing and I replaced the starter and it works fine. The thing that gets me is that when the Dynasty clicks is that it acts like the battery is dead. The lights all come on and are bright as a new battery should make them until after it clicks. In which if I give it a little time, the lights all come back on again like nothing ever happened. For some reason, the MODEL Dynasty was not an option on here but it is the correct model, so just ignore the CARAVAN that is selected. Same engine type though.
line up of spark plugs
My Caravan is over heating,there is a small leak on the side of the block, can that be change and is it dificult, its on one of the engine block plug
how many pounds does the van weigh?
my van just cut out of drive into a lower drive while moving. it did this a few years back and it cost me a
bundle to have it fixed. I'm retired and living off retirement checks so i'll have to try to fix it myself.
can it be done? please respond
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