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The gauges will work when I first start the vehicle. Then after about two miles, all the warning lights flash and the gauges go up and down and then they stop working. This includes the speedometer, odometer, gas gauge, tachometer, etc. The low fuel light and door ajar light seem to stay on after this happens.
Pump does not run when key is on. The R/W wire has 11.8 voltage
blue wire 11.5; G/Bk 7.5; and Y/B 11.5 Voltage. The G/B wire goes to the Fuel Pump.
According to the Service Manuel wiring schematic, the engine coil has the same voltage to it as the fuel pump.
I read online that this procedure is a straight swap and you get larger amouts of fuel making good increases in horsepower. do you know?
How can I fix it
trans works fine in all gears just will not shift into overdrive changed fluid & filter input and output sensors cleaned and checked all connections
fuse good, wires connected but horn won't work
Just replaced the motor in my 91 Dodge Caravan and now the check engine light is on and it won't shift into overdrive?
1- its a 91 dodge dynasty Le 3.3L/v6: I just picked something.It starts great 1st thing in am, but after 2 mins. of sitting--i have to prime the gas(fuel) like a race car to stablize the fuel in motor then go/ its a fuel-injected motor, whats wrong-how to correct it???, ive changed the fuel filter and checked for vacuum change.> some tells me the fuel pump is going and yet others say no its not. I want the straight answer to correct this now.
I need to blow my horn
I have a 1991 Dodge Caravan . I just replaced the motor(4cyl). The first two days back & forth to work , it ran like a champ....smooth. On the 3rd day , all of a sudden , it's missing badly , it's very loud , and i can hardly get any torque goin uphill . What happened ?
belt broke got a new one put it on .it made some poping sound while running about a min. then stoped running . will not start now.
all the power in my van works it makes no sounds when i try to start it. no clicking or anything. it was driving fine. the shocks were going bad but i dont think that has to do with it, if its the starter what do i do?
my tire blew 2 days ago. when we put the spare on the van would not turn over or make any noises. all the power works on everything and we tryed jumping it but it just wont start. there is gas,oil,water, i have no idea what could be wrong i tryed hitting what i thought was the starter because my friends said its probably the starter. please help
91 caravan with 3.0 starts hard when cold any time the temp get to around 40 it wont start i have replaced the ADS (auto shutdown relay) and when its cold you can not hear the fuelpump activate. but once it gets to like 50 as soon as you turn the key you can hear the fuel pump activate and the van starts right up no problems could it be the SBEC ??
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