2010 Dodge Caliber Questions

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no acceleration while driving, hesitation
and it was wiring. Still surges, most noticed when car is warm and at speeds above 60. Dealer has no idea :( Any advice? Please and thank you
it feels like the car is going to die
Sometimes it don't want to start. Then at times the smell of gas is coming in the car
Show all recalls for 2010 dodge caliber
The rpm's run high and it feels like it takes to long to switch gears.
When it comes on I lose speed and when I stop and pull out my car jerks
It starts & drives okay. Just trying to avoid bigger problems.
wife says she heard a sound like a pencil in a fan under the dash. now she has no heat or defroster, just blows cold air.
The AC/heater fan stopped working in my Caliber. My mechanic told me that the "Hvac air head control unit" needs to be replaced. I tried looking up the part on-line and cannot find it.
Car runs with a rough idle an lacks power cuts off when I let off the gas
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