2009 Dodge Caliber Questions

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The transmission acted up yesterday and now it's leaking gas up front. It will not start and smells like its flooded
I replaced the runner control cleaned manifold and lubricated, now I got the engine on again for a code P2004. is there other possibilities that could have a code of P2004
I changed the coil, fuel injector, camshaft and crankshaft sensor. Now the check engine light only comes on when driving and goes off at an idle.
All lights are on in the instrument cluster except the one that lights up the odometer reading. Is this a fuse or bulb or circuit board?
Need to replace front wheel hub assembly
if you have it in neutral it doesnt make the sound just when you drive
Hazards still works, fuel gauge works, horn and air conditioning works
Had shocks&struts replaced on my 2009 caliber also ball joints and now I can't stand all the squeaking when I drive the car.Never had this noise before all the repair.Can you help me?
Every time it rains, every car wash, anytime water gets near my cars sunroof, it pours!!. Duct tape works for awhile, I cover the car at work and park inside the garage, its sucks, I really like this car!!
Everything works fine--no shifting or acceleration problems yet
After radio went off and on on own then 2 months later radio went completely. Battery then started going dead. Replaced battery...still goes dead after sitting all night and still no radio but rest of dash is fine.
Drove it today. Parked it for one hour and it wouldn't start back up. Lights and everything else works but just won't start. Help could it be the starter?
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