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I am buying this vehicle second hand wants to know about the cradle in front and back concerning rust.
2008 dodge caliber. i took the panels off. the cable has a like a little hitch or semi loop to it. how do you fix this. I'm guessing it's not sapost to be like that
I replaced the blower motor in my ac about 6 months ago. It was working fine and now it stop working it wont come on. What is the problem?

I own a 2008 Dodge Caliber SXT
my car is a dodge calibre sxt crd 2.0
No problems over last 4 years. Battery is 3 years old. Last night turned key and nothing. Battery is 12v all electrical components check out 100%. 74xxx when I bought it, now has 135xxx. Starter? Ignition switch? Spark plugs?
The auto parts. Store run a diagnostic test and it was the voltage regulator and I needed a new alternate. Does this make sense to you?
In gear at a stop my 08 caliber vibrates a lot,it idled at around 500-600rpm, it tends to be worse when using anything that used electricity, i.e. AutomaticWindows etc. it sounds and feels like it's going to die at times, especially if running the AC.

I figured maybe it's time to tighten or replace motor mounts, maybe clean the TPS (throttle position sensor) or fuel injectors.. but before I start dumping money into it I would like to see if anyone else is having or had the same issues.

I will be turning this car over to my teenage daughter in a month or so and don't want her in an unreliable vehicle.

Once again it's a 2008 caliber sxt with 1.8 liter and a cvt transmission

progressivly worse it only occurs when the engine reaches operating temperture ... what can be the problem?
I am trying to figure out how to replace the driver side headlight
it has happened twice so far but I don't want to risk it happening more. is it the motor that is going out? could it be a fuse? Please help.
The car has been checked 4 different times and I'm told its just a matter of getting these sensors to reset, that nothing is wrong with the car. Do I need to drive over a certain mph for a particular amount of time or is it just a matter of the miles? Thanks for any insight!
most of the time it wont shift gear only goes to 30 and sometimes it wont even accelerate I already replaced both speed sensors and put in brand new oil and still does the same can somebody please help how to repair this
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