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I replaced the crankshaft sensor and cleaned the throttle body what else could it be or what could i try next ???
No start no crank problem. Was told it's the Wireless control module. Does this part go by another name and where is it located?

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Ac working cold on one side not the other
How long have you had this problem? A week
it will start cooling at time when the car is sitting still .
I was driving and started hearing this loud grinding noise coming from my car. I stopped to check. The inside of the compressor was red I was a few blocks from my house so I drive home. When I turned the car off. I could hear like a air leak coming from the compressor . I know that I can't drive it cuz it was smelling like burnt belt. Please help me.
Engine light comes on, scanned code indicates bad oil pressure sensor.
This light has been on for a year.
The z looks like lightening in the middle. What does it stand for?
My dodge caliber 07 not starting,no lights at all on the stereo,the horn,wiper and head lights,but blink twice when i put battery,please what could be the cause and solution i need your help
No sound at all key just turns battery is new just lights come on I been driving with a key that is not programed I'm trying to find out is it the key or something else
I may need to replace the blend door, it's not changing between vent/floor/defrost and it only really cools out the right side vent
2007 Dodge Caliber sxt 2.0 L
we add water to the radiator everyday but it always stalls everyday. Its happened 3 times now. What would be the most likely problem with it??
I have a couple jumps and since I've needed some myself. Now it's Everytime i try to start it that i need a jump.
Lost power on road so put pedal sensor whole gas pedal not fix then throttle cable box still not fix. Pushed gas pedal to floor slowly disconnect cable to battery don't know what else to do.
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