2014 Dodge Avenger Questions

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I can't go past 40 miles per hour
Passenger side window will go down with switch on passenger side but won't go up, driver side switch does not do anything. I replaced the motor not sure what or where to look for the problem from there.
Passenger window on 2014 Dodge Avenger from the driver's side. I am wondering if its a motor issue or switch issue and if the fix is easy and relatively inexpensive.
driving along and my car shuts off, wouldnt start , then the light comes on my dash to check Electronic throttle system. Finally started after a few minutes , run it 5 miles home and let it idle ,running fine now but light came back on again after i let it run? What does this mean, is there any recalls on this?
Can an auto zone, etc diagnosis this? Dodge Avenger 2014.
Just yesterday while driving 55 on a highway the car suddenly jerked hard looked at dash and oil light was on. We turned motor off pulled car over. Checked oil, it was full. No drips no leaks all was good. Started car back up light was off drove home and have drove a few times since and this problem has not happened again. Any suggestions? Oil was changed less than a month ago and car only has roughly 39,000
Rough idling periodically
The paint has been scratched away right in the curve of the frame of the light. No damage to the light. Car color is white.
The car want make a sound checked battery and every thing. I did drop and break key the night before
My car want start not even with a jump start but everything is on but radio.
The engine lights is not on
radio come on lights come on car just won't start
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