2013 Dodge Avenger Questions

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Just started 2 weeks ago now all the time while driving it

If driving in tow. It doesn't over heat
On highway it over heats hv to turn hot air on to get to cool off then after that it will drive OK at 60mph

My passenger side window won't roll up from the drivers side door panel. It rolls down but not back up. Works just fine on the passenger side.

car started freaking out, abs warning light came on, started dinging, air blowing from defrost to vents, buzzing sound from radio then died. would just click once if you tried to restart it.

When I turn on the heat or air there is a loud roaring noise when it comes on. Just not sure if it's the blower motor or not.

already replace tensioner and battery

how can I get the code without paying to have it done or how much does it cost

Just wondering what this might be and if my 5 year 100,000 mile Powertrain Warranty will cover it or not. I was driving my car and all of a sudden it felt and sounded like something "popped" or "thumped" under the hood, and a few seconds later my RPM gauge went to 0, my battery, engine, and oil lights came on, and my steering started locking up. So I pulled over and got out, and noticed it was smoking. Any idea what it would be?

I've been dealing with Chrysler headquarters and not getting the help. 2 dealerships claim there's nothing wrong with the car. I've had problems with the started and now I think the transmission will go. A 2013 shouldn't have these problems! I have 2 babies. I have to turn the heat off and freeze because I don't want them to breath that toxic smell. It's almost a burning plastic type of smell. The battery is always dying. I would love to sell this car privately but I would feel horrible to sell it with all these extreme issues. Is there a class action lawsuit?? I want them to buy this car back from me. I spent way to much for a crappy car!
Anyone else have that heater smell?
Or does your car have a "hard start?"
What could it be?
Only 25,438 miles.

My passenger side door will not lock or unlock when I use the automatic door locks in the car or my remote on the key. Also when I open the passenger door it will not cut the interior light on. I checked the fuses there all good I understand there is a module that could cause this. What do you think? And where would this module be located?

Alarm will randomly go off and won't shut off all the time. When it does and I lock it again it will go off again a couple mins later?

The right passenger side makes noises like something coming a loosre..It gets real bad when you hit bumps. I recently hit a pot hole that wasn't covered...