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I have a 2013 dodge avenger and i have to keep addin a little antifreeze to my car bcs its over heating. After my alternator went got that changed then it started over heating.. Changed thermostat anf that wasnt it.. But i also dnt see no leaking
We put refrigerant in it and it blows like it should for around 2 days. We used A/C Pro and was told that caused this. We aren't sure if it's a bloclage in the line that needs to be cleaned, or a blockage at the compressor
I cannot seem to find them. I even tried looking it up in the owners manual and I still am unable to find it.
When u go to start i can hear 3 or 4 clicks thin it starts and then again when i switch off the engine
It jerks while driving and won't go over 50mph. I had a diagnostic test and it read the camshaft position sensor code
also replaced heater blend door actuator on passenger side as well plus flushed radiator twice at cost of over 1200 due to labour what else could be wrong
First my heat stopped working and then mil light would come on and off now mil stays on
When you drive the car especially over 55 mph--or near there--it starts to overheat--the temp gauge starts to go up--then when you turn on the heater on high it cools it back down--this is 2013 dodge avenger
Running hot if at stop for a short period of time
The throttle body light is on for my 2013 dodge advenger we change the battery and it stll will not start so could it be the throttle body
No air coming out
My passenger window would not roll up so I replaced the motor now it will roll down but not up, I tried both switches same thing it will roll down not up
While driving on highways temperature gauge stays in the middle. If im sitting a red light too long the temperature gauge starts to rise.
My 2013 dodge avenger passenger side window rolled down. It's been three weeks, can't get it to roll up with either switch, all the other Windows work. I'm trying to figure out what the problem is, can you help me p!ease?
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