2012 Dodge Avenger Questions

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Even if I don’t have the A/C on, just the vent, it still makes that noise. It sounds like it’s cominf from inside the car, like under the glovebox.
Need help put in new alternator and new battery stool no crank no start
I see where the water is leaking from, every time I use the A.C water is always leaking inside on the floor, what happening, will this cost major money for fixing
Just put in a new Altenator in my 2012 Dodge Avenger and now the radio is asking for a code, where do I find that? I guess it will then allow the radio to function again.. currently, it will not turn on..
2012 avenger no heat at all blows cold air windshield steams up coolant level good oil level good changed blend door acturator and thermostat s
I changed the antenna and that didnt work.
I just put a new alternator around May of 2017 I have 59305 miles and now I'm have problems with my car reversing sometimes it hesitates and sometimes it doesn't want to move before it kicks in to reverse. I shouldn't be having this problem with low mileage. And I get water in my right floor board I guess from my air conditioner. Could you please respond back because I'm getting worried or my car really messes up. By the way took to Gladstone Dodge to see if recalls on my engine for Avenger SXT and he told me no but to deal with it. Not very happy with his response. Thank you Edward Franco
My dodge avenger won't start and I jump it and it will start right away and run for as long as needed but soon as you shut it off immediately after it won't start is it the battery or the alternator
No play in bearings, makes no noise when lifted , but just rolling the car on the ground noise comes back , very loud like a helicopter during deceleration
I started it up fine,went around the corner,cut it off,and when I tried too cut it back on,wouldn't start,lights, radio,everything was working,got a jump started right up,what could be the problem
Occurs often. I use a screw driver to move the pink part by the gear shifter to move the shifter into drive.
P0340 is the code that's popping up
Starting issues. Malfuntion light came on and engine turned. Ive had slight issues i thought it was the cold. First time it refused to start.
Blowing heat on one side
Will startup but issue if sat more than 2 hrs I think it could be in fuel sending unit ? Has 133,000 kms
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