2012 Dodge Avenger Questions

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My dodge avenger won't start and I jump it and it will start right away and run for as long as needed but soon as you shut it off immediately after it won't start is it the battery or the alternator
No play in bearings, makes no noise when lifted , but just rolling the car on the ground noise comes back , very loud like a helicopter during deceleration
I started it up fine,went around the corner,cut it off,and when I tried too cut it back on,wouldn't start,lights, radio,everything was working,got a jump started right up,what could be the problem
Occurs often. I use a screw driver to move the pink part by the gear shifter to move the shifter into drive.
P0340 is the code that's popping up
Starting issues. Malfuntion light came on and engine turned. Ive had slight issues i thought it was the cold. First time it refused to start.
Blowing heat on one side
Will startup but issue if sat more than 2 hrs I think it could be in fuel sending unit ? Has 133,000 kms
Just had my photo body part replaced now put under light and the engine light is on what to do
I have an odd steering problem, but what other problems are seen with this car? For one, I blow through tires.....
Last year as winter approached my car developed a steering issue that feels like a rack and pinion issue. It loosens up as it warms up. And is no problem if you are pressing the gas. The steering fluid is full. Problem is on just one side. Summer went by with no issue both this summer and last. It does not click but you can feel it catch when you turn to the other side.
I had an issue last year and was told that one of the warranties had expired, even though I had called Dodge itself and been told it should be covered, I had to pay the costs of having the vehicle looked at.
I can turn my air on and it starts knocking until I push the surround to circulate thru the car and it quits. After I get where I'm going and turn my car off it will knock every little while the rest of the night
Lately I been driving my car I been hearing this sound over the engine. It sounds like a huge vacuum vooooooooom sound kind of loud inside the car it comes on once I reach 35-40 mph. When I slow down it slows down too. Took it to the shop with the warranty they fix everything but this. Took it back the next day they said it's bad tires and tried to sell me tires. The ones they said was bad was switched to the rear. To me the sound is coming from the front they say it's the back. I'm thinking transmission. Have you ever heard anything like this before and know what it is.
We just recently purchased to new key fobs. Had them programmed and worked fine. Also just replaced the WIN module because we were having issues with it. The car was ok for a few days, and now we are having issues with the key fobs not working. It's not the battery, because even the original one we got isn't working, and the odds of the batteries going out on all 3 at the same time are slim to none, and I've also had them tested and they are working. Could it be an issue with the WIN yet?
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