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My 2010 dodge avenger just got a new alternator put on. Drive fine for 20 min. While waiting at a red light about to go the ETC (electronic throttle control) light starts blinking. Then I notice that my car cannot pick up very much speed, also not able to drive over 40 kmh. While stopped and car is in gear my engine sounds funny like it's misfiring. Why? And what Do I do?
etc light comes on and car stalled out
When turning on the left and right turn signals, I don't get a flash on either side
2010 dodge avenger sxt
I have replaced the crank sincor and the cam senior still engine light stays on will turn over and try to crank at times
Engine light been in since I purchased the car, had it checked several times keep saying gas ca replaced the cap twice
how can i fix my faulty radio and my new battery from always dying? my radio hasn't worked for a month but before then it came off and on. the radio problem began almost a year now. Now my new battery dies every day.
No-one can diagnose my car properly help please
Controls on original board had a short.once new one installed Ac no longer works. Compressor is engaging and Freon levels are good. I'm stumped
I cannot get more than a couple dollars worth of gas in at a time without the pump shutting off. the gascap display came on a couple years ago along with the check engine light. took it in... he said replace the gas cap. so i did, the light persisted so ignored it. eventually it became more and more difficult to fill the gas tank. it started with my having to place the nozzle a specific way for it to fill and has developed into my having to just trickle the gas in in order to prevent the pump from shutting off. it takes anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to fill it. I've replaced the gascap and have also replaced the filler neck tube since the vent tube is one with it. I'm trying to figure out where to go next. could it be the charcoal filter? evap sensor? vent control valve? (if vcv, does this mean i have to replace the tank?) I can't really keep just throwing money at the problem trying to figure it out.

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