2009 Dodge Avenger Questions

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What could cause the car to lose power after the alternator has been replaced? Cannot rev past 3000 rpms and it will not go more than 20 mph.

replaced both low beams, one on passenger side wont work. there is power to the plug. switched bulbs it still wont work

My 2009 Dodge Avenger SXT heater blows cool air. Heater coil was replaced but still it is still blowing cool air. Mechanic had it all day and could not figure out the cause.

My car is an automatic 2.4 , it does it between 65-70 mph on flat surface

slightly off center or leaning

Only code po300. No oil in spark plug tubes. Will run ok, ses light stays on. Ecm .plugs are clean.

My 2010 Dodge Avenger SXT, passenger power window will not work. Motor is fine, took it out and tried it in rear and works there. doesn't sound like motor is trying to work in front when you hit the button. Tested for power coming to the switch and shows I have power in. What else could be the problem? It is not showing any codes, and don't see any fuses that are bad.

Brought my car in for a check engine light. Ended up having the intake manifold replaced. All codes went away, but one...the computer is showing a misfire in cylinders 1 and 4....everything is good, cam, compression, everything else. My mechanic is at this point baffled, and cannot figure out why....he says he's run every test possible...can anyone help??? He's had my car for 5 days

Only hot air comes out

Well my Check Engine Light is on and i went to auto zone and the code read P2017 and i was wondering how much will it cost me to have this fix.

Help! What should I do???