2008 Dodge Avenger Questions

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So I changed the pump out and still don't get anything to spray out. The blades move when I push the switch down but can't hear if the motor is working or not need some ideas.
Driving down the interstate car just stopped & couldn't be shifted
How long have you had this problem? 1 day
some times the car will just die and have to be jumped even tho i make sure to turn everything off before shutting off the car
caused a fire by catching shock tower cover on fire should be a recall I feel on battery cable since a new one costs over 300

What would cause my 08 Dodge Avenger A/C to blow hot air only? It was freon charged and worked a couple days then right back to hot. It was fine for years then suddenly just started blowing hot air and stayed that way. Is this typical? I see a lot of common issues wrong with this model that I've experienced too. Perhaps this is one.
My front passenger window won't roll up, but will toll down. Now my key sensor doesn't lock the doors.
When I turn my a.c. off I hear a knocking noise about 30 seconds
Only when n park.
2008 Avenger
I just want to know what are the best brake pads for a dodge avenger sxt. and how to get airbag light go on and off?
need to check the windshield washer fuse on 2008 dodge avengerr
trying to find wiper relay 2008 dodge avenger
i need to replace the wiper relay but where is it?
Trying to find my crank shaft sensor on my 2008 dodge avenger 2.4l
Just started happening. But now it's like my car keys shacky. What's the problem
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