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I have a 1999 Dodge avenger 2.0L. I recently replaced my radiator since it was leaking. I was replacing my fans since I have dual fans. I wondered why my second fan wasn't turning but the other one was. Checked the fuse box and seen I have 2 HI. Radiator fan fuses/relays missing. I can't find anything on the issue that'll help me. Only thing I know is that it's OMRON 12V.
Car had been sitting for bout 8 will start but doesn't want to stay running. Replaced fuel pump,plugs etc.might have put bad gas,now it won't idle.also,replaced timing belt and it hasn't jumped time.can you help me out?
I've had it put on a diagnostic machine and it came back no problems. .I've replaced the fuel filter and distrutor at first it would start after long periods of trying then run and restart after short periods..but leaving it would not start again for a long time of it won't start at all but sounds like it wants to..the battery is dead now I am disabled and I can't afford to keep trying new parts with no success please help me
I have a 99 dodge avenger and for a while it would go a few days just cranking over but would not start and the next day start and run fine did that a few times now won't start at all I have replaced fuel pump crankshaft sensor distributor and still not starting any help would be appreciated it's a 2.5 v6
service engine soon light
My front passenger caliper is seized. I was told that the brake pad, rotor, brake hose, and caliper all need replaced. What would be a reasonable quote for this?
check engine light came on and had a code ran on.the car seems light its cutting for a split second and then come back on.i know it has something to do with fuel.have ckecked hoses and can't find any loose.please help me.thanks.
the shifter into park.
may have cracked 5 lead going into distributor.
comressor keeps recycling it has a good charge. when accumulator is jumped blows cooler air, but still recycles,

my avenger died and would not fire, I changed the spark plug's and wires and distributor cap but forgot to change the rotor. should I take it all back off and change the rotor before I try to start my car?
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