1998 Dodge Avenger Questions

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I had it checked and it said the camshaft position sensor but now the check engine light is blinking
If I turn on key and check engine comes on engine starts, if I turn key on and check engine light doesn't come on car will turn over but no start
1998 Dodge Avenger 5 speed. Replaced clutch and now car won't start. The car cranks like it's going to start and won't turn over. Battery is good, engine has spark, fuel pumy kick on but seem to be lacking ignition of spark. Help??
I have spark,fuel,and compression and sometimes it will start and sometimes want I have changed the fuel pump and relay along with the ASD relays I do not loose spark or fuel pressure timing marks and belt is good right on mark I have tested injector fire plugs or wet when it want start compression is 110 I'm so lost right now any suggestions the car has no codes I never lost spark or fuel pressure it does start every once in awhile and runs good
I changed oxygen sensor, cam shaft sensor, and the idle air sensor. What other sensors might i need to change to get light to go off.
i was told that my oil plug has lost its thread and I need to replace the oil pan. how much would it cost?
I got the car about a year ago and recently my door locks have went out. My windows work fine and they will lock if I do it manually but the button will not unlock/lock anymore. I replaced the relay to the door locks but I'm still getting the same result. What could it be?
I was driving and signaled that I was making a turn and the turn signals worked fine. I signaled again and the signals did not work.Does this indicate a blown fuse?
recall campaign 99v-066 and recall campaign 00v421002
We have to replace my stabilizer once a year. We even tried a different brand this last time but it needs replaced already to
stops rattling when in 3rd gear. have 2.0 five speed. what should i check for?
And leaking a brown fluid
wont reverse drive or stay n park have to have parking break on.
problem is costant
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