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1997 dodge avenger. 2.7
I have a 1997 Avenger ES 2.5 engine. The car only has 150,000 miles on it and I try to do all of the maintenance on it myself being an old air conditioning mechanic but this one has me stumped. The car started stalling at an idle but it was running okay so I cleaned the throttle body and changed the fuel filter. That helped some but not much. The car these started to run a little warm, just over half way on the gauge, so I changed the thermostat but saw no water in the lower hose. I changed the thermostat anyway and now the gauge does not get up past half way but I have no heat coming out of the dash, blower is working. I did noted some, but not a lot of bubbles when I took the cap off of the thermostat housing. I added some Bars Leak in case it was a head gasket but I still have the same problems of stalling at idle and no heat. I am looking for things to check out. There is no light on in the dash. I replaced the TPS and fuel pump relay.
At first i had to use starter spray to get it to start now it wo t start at all.
My AC is blowing out hot air
would like to find it without pulling transaxle. leaks faster than i can pour it in. when running and after shut diown

The engine on my 1997 Avenger just started to run rough but only when it warms up. When the engine is cold it runs fine. The car has 138,000 miles on it and regular maintenance has been done on the car. I went to two of my local parts stores and they both pulled up codes P0204 and p0304. I changed the front 3 spark plugs and wires and the problem did not change. The engine light is still on. I had a problem a while back when the engine light came on and was told it was an oxygen sensor which I changed and the light went out but came back on around 3 months later but the engine ran fine so I did not check further but now that the engine is running rough I need to find out what is going on.

When it does end up sliding into gear it is really hard
it doesn't fire and fuel pump don't come on. the dakota i tried every thing on it. finally give up and took it to another garage. he just replaced wiring untill it started running. any body got any input!
stock ones keep splitting and im tired of replacing them but i can only find ones for eclipses are they swappable????
My check engine light is on my dash, and my car stalls out if I'm driving more than 30min. I got a code for small evap leek, and I cant find the vapor can to trace the hoses. any help or suggestions?
it runs great when it first starts for about 3mins. when the temp gauge starts to go up it doesnt want to stay the gas pedal it stalls out. will not stay runnin under 2000rpms unless u feather the gas pedal & misses real bad or has a lopeing sound, let of gas stalls right out. if i hold the pedal anywhere above 2000rpms it doesnt miss at all but let off the gas it stalls out. then u have to feather the gas pedal to start it runs great when it first starts till it gets heat
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