1996 Dodge Avenger Questions

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dies at idle, runs rough no codes STFT at neg.5 to neg. 25.
How long have you had this problem? Started all of sudden. Died at stop light and hasn't ran at idle since.
So at random times the car will not start, and then you can wait for a time and come back and it will start. each time the engine turns over. this happens at random times
cuts out on acceleration, It jerks , can't go over 25-30 mph unless I punch the gas and jerks really hard and then takes off... It has a new water pump, timing belt, new plugs, ran really good for a week after a new coil pack then back to doing the same thing... I need help, I can't afford a new car right now, please tell me how to get this one fixed. thank you.
Won't start. Had to pop the clutch to get home. Put new starter in and no different. What else can it be & locations to find possibilities?
it wont shift out of second. it run fine but just wont shift.
when i turn the key it sounds like there is no gas going to fuel pump to start it, could it be a sensor or do i need a new fuel pump? if i need a fuel pump how much are they and how much to install? my car has been broken down since October 2012. i went to start it 3 days later and it wouldn't start.
gears begin to act up, the car would roll , it wouldn't drive or reverse when i tried to switch the gears even in park it still moved
I thought it might have been my power steering. I added fluid to it and it helped with the turning because it wasn't even on the stick when I checked it, but it still makes this noise. And if I haven't driven it for a couple hours, sometimes it feels like my car is jumping, but someone told me it was probably bumps in the road. But it doesn't really feel like I'm hitting bumps.
It has a new crankshaft position sensor, wires, plugs, timing belt
I spent all day on replacing the rubber seals to my lower manifold that the fuel injectors seat into and still I smell fuel?
blower motor just stopped blowing.but if I reach under the dash abang on this little box thing that seems to be attached to the motor it will blow very,very little air and it sounds like it cluncking.any help would be greatly appriciated
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