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Q: documentation on 2002 GMC Yukon XL Denali

Can anyone tell me the purpose to record information in a customer copy invoice, that states contradicting information of the mileage in/out amounts from service repair dates that were overlapped by dates, and the mileages recorded are not possible for the dates recorded? For example, one invoice states a date of repairs for April 30-May 15 and mileage in/out (both mileages) are 99546/99546, and another invoice says April 10-July 31 with mileage in/out of 97893/97893. Thats not possible right? So what is the basis for this? Was I deceived and these invoices altered?
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Record keeping in a lot of repair shops and even dealerships can be pretty awful. Here in California there is a Bureau of Automotive repair document/booklet called "Write it right". It is issued to auto repair shops documenting what constitutes a legal repair work order. It is not mandatory that they record in and out mileage but mileage must be recorded.
Wrong VIN number as well that is shameful. The Bureau of Automotive Repair document is very specific as to what has to be on the repair order, it must have the customers signature, the customers signature authorizing cost increases, what time you spoke to the customer to up sell work. The regulations are strict and consumer law is on your side, you can even get your money back for repairs if the repair order is not properly filled out and documentation has omissions.
The Better Business Bureau is an option
Perhaps contact the BAR in California and see if they know the procedure to follow. I hope this has happened recently I don't know if there is a statuette of limitation for you to file a complaint but the garage can and will come after you if you don't get things sorted out once and for all from a legal point of view.
Does anyone have the accurate information they can apply to a dealerships service department for the state of Arizona?? Like say this document has an incorrect VIN, unnecessary parts charged to a service (i.e. water reservoir replacement needed two radiator hoses? A gasket, seal, 2 bolts? Especially when the designated gasket was for a fuel exhaust and the seal was for oil pan gasket? or check oil level light was on so the starter was replaced?), not to mention mileage is not accurate for their invoices, they list a promised date that was to provide for the vehicle's finish date that was reasonable, but show the vehicle wasn't "ready,. or notified to me until a month or 2 months later, I was charged an EXCESSIVE amount for 2 front shocks, 2 rear shocks, that all cost $485.....A PIECE!!! And when the vehicle was "ready" it was in worse condition than when I took it, I had to take it back three times that week before anyone would listen to me and look at the shocks. The only reason they did because my scary gangster looking boyfriend scared the mechanic. THEN he says, "she's right, they didn't put them on correctly". So $5,671 later, I refuse to pay and they are taking ME to COURT!!!! But I sold the car since then, and I was to scared to let on where I was really from. Cuz you never know. But I want to know how the law may apply to me for this situation in the state of Arizona. Arizona sux, and doesn't have quite as much sophistication as California. There's no Bureau of Auto repair fraud here, and I'm pretty much limited to the agency's that I can involve to place criminal charges against anyone. So any help would be appreciated. Thanks everyone!!!!
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