Q: Do you think I need a tune=up? on 1993 Lexus ES300

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My car is idling hard and it feels like it wants to cut off when I'm at a light. It also feels as if its not getting enough gas at times.
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If you have not had a major tune up with wires, plugs fuel filter and air filter performed in 30,000 miles then it's over due. This would be a good place to start, also have your throttle body cleaned of any carbon deposits and have a fuel system cleaning to clean any varnish off of your injectors, or you can use a bottle of Techron and just put it in a full tank of gas, use the brand name of Techron, the other generic fuel system cleaners don't do nearly as good of a job.
is your car bogging out as soon as it starts up? as in when you turn the key, the rpm's will spike and then hit zero and the car dies out? if so, then its mostly likely a dirty idle air control valve.
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