Q: Do you know why the passenger side front floorboard was flooded after the storm? on 2010 Honda Fit

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The car was parked on a dry driveway. I did not drive that car all day. I dried it all, but today I noticed moisture on the upper sloping part of the floorboard. Thank you.
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cant say without seeing it but you are under a 3 yr 36k bumper to bumper. let the dealer figure it out for free.

There is an ongoing issue with the doors when it rains... most people do not know until the bottom interior of the door rusts thru from inside the door. There is an issue with the plastic sheeting inside the door, when it rains and water gets in thru the window, the doors do not properly drain from inside and water sits. You should also check in the spare tire well, mine regularly fills with water depending how it was sitting when parked in the rain. This is an ongoing issue with the fit model from a few years... check the bottom interior of your doors (mainly the front doors) and they may be rusted. There are also problems with the carpet near the doors getting wet when it rains. You might try going to and searching the forums, someone had posted a fix to this problem by removing the door panel and re-adhering the plastic sheeting properly.