Q: Do you know where ignition control module is located? on 1996 Ford Thunderbird

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I've been told on distributor.. doesn't have one. Been told on radiator support- not there ?? any ideas?
Not sure if that's my problem anyway. Runs great but sometimes when run alot it "chugs" and sounds like going to die after i start back up then after 20 seconds or so idle speed comes back up and runs perfect again. Never goes at cold start. No check engine codes. Tuned up good. Changed fuel pump still didn't fix ???
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Hope this helps you and it looks like this follow the spark plug wires to it.
I tried to blow up that diagram but can't quite read. Thanks for sending though.. The spark plug wires commect to the coil pack which is in the front/middle of engine. Is that maybe under the coil pack? Looks different than the pic they pulled up for me at autozone ??
It isn't there, just coil packs & condenser. I had similar problems before and turn out to be fuel delivery
According to the chilton manual there isn't one. Look into the fuel pump make sure it has enough pressure and not to much pressure