Q: do you guys frequently work on saturn's? on 1996 Saturn SL2

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i just want to know only because when i took my car to a shop recently they told me after the fact that they have never worked on saturn's, so it was basically a waste of my money & time.
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That statement by a repair shop owner or the mechanic is just an excuse, a poor one, and probably is used on other make automobiles they can't fix and their customers alike! I have worked on many Saturn (GM) vehicles and have found nothing so uniquely different about those than any other make! What sort of trouble are you having with your Saturn? We may be able to help. If we make a mistake then we could always say "well we have never worked on Saturns before" and try to get by with that.
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We do several every year; Several years ago the dealership stopped repairing then and sent them to us for the warranty repairs. There's still plenty out there and need repairs, as long as we can still get parts.
I dont work on Saturn or Hyundai. I just work Monday through Friday!!! Every other week.
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Some shops will be likely to work on them more often than others. I do quite a few but that's because we had a dealership I our area at one time and of course now they are gone. FWIW I have the heads off of a L300 right now.
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