Q: do i need wheel bearings? on 2006 Ford F-150

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my truck recently started making a roaring noise when i get over 35mph when i go in a curve to my left it stops sounds like its in my tires but there brand new are the wheel bearings on a f-150 fx4 offroad serviceable and is it in tha rite wheel?
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The bearings are a hub and bearing assembly on each wheel, and should be fairly easy to replace - a bolt on item essentially.
is there any way to tell if it's tha rite or left or should i replace both when i turn wheel to tha left like in a curve it stops
Wouldn't be a bad idea to replace both. However, always defer to the side making the noise. Think of the extra load on the wheel that is taking the turn. If the noise goes away turning left - then think of checking the right side first.