Q: Do I need to replace my shock absorbers? on 1998 Toyota T100

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I've heard it both ways, mostly that they need to be replaced by someone trying to sell me an expensive new set.
My car-nut buddy says they're fine, never need replacing.

But my truck seems to sit a little lower on the driver's side (I'm not THAT heavy, only 175 lbs!) and the suspension seems to squeak sometimes going over the bump into my driveway.

What's the deal?
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Your "car-nut buddy" is wrong. Replace them and see the difference you see in the ride. Replace all four corners. Shock absorbers is not something you notice that need replacing until you replace them. You are long over due.
you do need to replace you shocks they minimize wheel tramp which will give you scapled tire wear. the squeak might be in the bushings and the lower on one side might be able to be adjusted. also you could replace the shocks your self get your self some good shocks and a can of pb blaster to penetrate any corrosion before you remove the fasteners
Is this something a guy can do who has a few wrenches and a flat driveway, or do I need to enlist the aid of my buddy who has all of the tools and gadgets? (He has completely rebuilt his 1989 4runner, swapping out all sorts of stuff to make it a better 4WD, something about power locked axles or such, and even rebuilt his own Chevy transmission and did a power upgrade all in one day, so he's pretty competent).
For instance, when the coils went bad, it took me around 3-4 hours to swap in the new ones with new plugs. This is NOT my normal hobby.