Q: Do i need to change master clutch cylinder.I changed clutch and slave cylinder . on 1993 Toyota Pickup

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When i first start truck,clutch will let me put it in gear but when i start to release clutch it goes right into gear and if i press clutch in right away it won't let me take it out of gear .
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It seems like you are describing the clutch not releasing, and if you have air in the hydraulic clutch system that could be a possible cause as well as a master that simply isn't allowing enough travel, so before you replace the master try bleeding it some more. You may need to open the bleed screw and push the slave cylinder in to bottom it out, in some cases the slave just doesn't bleed completely while mounted to the transmission and you may have to remove it to help any air come out. There is also a chance that the clutch is warped and dragging or transmission input shaft is binding in the pilot bearing. You'll probably need a techs help to check this out.