Q: Do I need a new water pump? on 2004 Audi A4 Quattro

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My car is in the shop for a coolant issue, the coolant light came on and it started beeping so I pulled over and it looked like it was smoking. I had it towed to the Audi dealership and they told me I needed a new thermostat and coolant so I said to go ahead and fix it which they quoted me at $480. Now they are telling me I need a new water pump but the timing belt looks like it has been replaced not too long ago and they don't need to fix that. They are now quoting me an extra $600 just for the water pump itself not including labor. How important is this and is this a fair price?
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the water pumps have plastic impellars and that might have been your orig problem. good idea to change water pump depending on mileage. the plastic impellars fall apart and does not let the water flow at all
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