Q: Do I need a new clutch cable or adjust the old one? on 2002 Honda Accord

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I was sitting at a light with the clutch all the way down it started moving forward on its own and died because I was not giving it gas what do I do? HELP
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Hydraulic clutch master and slave cylinders on that model. Might check the fluid level in reservoir (by brake master , under hood) Look for signs or smell of brake fluid on inside of car under carpet by clutch pedal and also leak at slave cylinder.
look down between radiator and trans,where the engine and trans go together and you should see it. it will have a line coming off of it going around trans towards firewall and over to the clutch master cylinder which is tucked in back , below the brake master cyl..
sounds like a really odd way for it to go but you are right you need a new one. it sounds like a connecter or something in the cable slipped.