Q: do i have a blown head gaskit and egr valve? on 1997 Acura TL

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my car was overheating when i was on the highway,the car shut off on me. i waited for an 30mins before i start it back up,i had to be to work in the next hour so i gunned back home. the next day i sarted the car and the whole car started to shake and stared to make funny noises.i coutinoue to drive to work but i let the car set when i get off, now the car overheat with 20mins,the check engine light keep blinking, and the car off if im setting at a red light or it will shake real bad!! the shakin slow down alittle when i put the gear in park? what do yall think the problem is?
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The first problem is -- please don't drive the car further until you find out what is wrong! I know we all depend on our cars for work and everything -- yet if you drive it when it's telling you NOT to drive it, things can progressively get worse and more expensive.

It does sound like a possible internal engine coolant leak, but I would pursue diagnostic testing before guessing that.