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Q: Distributor Removal and Installation on 1999 GMC Yukon

What tips, tricks or really good ideas do you have on removing distributor and re-installing new on. I know to disconnect all wires. Remove cap and rotor. Remove bolt, replace exactly Exactly back where I pulled it from. I read Chilton's so I have the basics down but there are always un-forseen issues not in books.
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You have to be careful, one tooth off will give you a warning light and problems during acceleration. Use white out or nail polish to make reference points on the old distributor and intake. And put your motor on TDC. Mark the position of the rotor button before you pull the old one, as you remove it, the rotor button will rotate CCW. Mark the final position. Using your old distributor as a guide install the new one. If you get the one tooth off, just use the white out to make new reference points and adjust as needed.
If you look at the bottom of the distr, there is a slot. This slot fits into the shaft of the oil pump. I've pulled and re-installed many of those type dist. at my shop, and never had a problem with it. The oil pump is located in the oil pan though. The only thing mounted in the distr it self is a cam sensor and the rotor button.
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Just be careful. It's easy to get it one tooth off. If you do it will run ok but ses lt will be on. Even if you get it back in correctly pay a shop to re-synch the ignition it will idle much smoother. If they don't know what your are talking about take it to the nearest GM dealer.

David J
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oil pump shaft shouldn't be a problem at all. It will stay in it's bore, and can move unless you crank the engine.

David J
Awesome...TY What about oil pump? is it in the shaft? Do I need to watch out for moving that as well?
TY both of you. Yes I learned about the Counter Clock Wise movement...42 degrees to be exact...I think.

Both get 4 star rating...but what about oil pump shaft?
Wow, Distributor landed on m front porch at 1:30 PM and by 2:30 the thing was in, very little adjusting, and wah-lah;engine now running like a herd of kittens.
TY for all of the help.
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