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Q: Disconnect bcm to get better mileage? on 2003 Chrysler Town & Country

A mechanic told me if I disconnect the negative battery cable for 15-30 minutes the bcm will re-set and I should get improved gas mileage. Would this cause any problems?

SORRY, shouldn't have said bcm. Could it be ECM or PCM?
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No this may cause your car to loose its programing and this will be expensive to fix you want better milage check your tire psi, change the oil and get a tune up
Thanks, that's what I thought. Tire pressure OK. Air filter new. Oil changed before I bought it. Need to get plugs changed.
I just bought this car. Dealer told me oil and filter changed. Air filter changed. I've checked tire pressure. Need to get plugs and fuel filter changed. But it is getting only 14 mpg and I can't see how that will increase it that much. It has 91,000 miles on it. I filled it when I got it, drove 225 miles, filled it again (16.1 gal).

The mechanic said disconnecting the bcm would cause it to re-set to our driving habits within the next 100 miles or so. I have researched this on the internet and have not found any information on this.

I would say 14mpg is poor mileage.

Thanks all for replies.

Ron did you ever find the solution to this? I noticed this was long ago. I have the exact same thing, down to the mile. I have the Exact Same mileage and the exact same loss of mileage? Im guessing fuel filter. Its odd because I ran Ethanol and I think maybe that tripped some codes or caused a program to change something, because ever since it runs rough. Its like it thinks Im using Ethanol still. Or maybe the ethanol cleaned junk in the fuel tank into the filter and clogging. I have noticed more noise in the fuel pump in the tank area...Did you solve?
Sorry, yes I fixed it. I got rid of the thing, two or three years ago. I hated that van. The electrical rear gate and passenger sliding door were also temperamental. Bought 2 Oldsmobile Silhouette vans, which I still own. One a '98, one a 2004. They are my 2nd and 3rd Silhouettes. I love them. Wish they still made them. Don't know what I'm gonna do when I need to replace.
I would like to know what the thinking is behind this. If you are getting poor mileage, there is an issue with the fuel/ignition system that needs to be resolved, and resetting the BCM is not a solution.
Is your T&C getting poor mileage or do you just want better mileage?
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