Q: direct steering on 2005 Toyota Land Cruiser

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Have a 6 cyl diesel Landcruiser which once at over 80 miles per hour has the direct and responsive steering.This can be felt just driving in a straight line. suspension and all steering components in good condition.what could possiable cause be
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What's the problem? You didn't say. I assume that the vehicle is not as stable at high speed as it used to be. I think it's be a lot better for everyone on the road, especially you, if you didn't try to get the rig up to 80 MPH. It's not really made to go that fast and could destabilize if there were anything that could cause you to have to change direction or use the brakes heavily.
You don't say what mileage is on this car and what work you've done on maintainence. I'd say that it's time to check the shocks and suspension parts for wear or looseness by a pro, even if you think everything's OK, if it were, you wouldn't be complaining. Also check the tires for pressure and condition, and check alignment.
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