Volkswagen Jetta TDI Problems

Difficult to Diagnose Electrical Issues Are Typically Due to Ground Issues on Volkswagen Jetta TDI

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Electrical issues that are difficult to diagnose—and sometimes intermittent—are typically due to ground wiring issues. The most troublesome ground locations are under the battery or at the engine.

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Volkswagen Jetta TDI Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 143,833 (40,000–261,000)
13 model years affected: 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, more2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013
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won't turn over replaced battery still won't turn over i did get to start shut off now no start again is there a wiring problem that i should look for
more and more frequently, i get in the car to start it and i notice that the clock is at 1200. the trip odometer is at zero. the overall odometer reads the mileage. turning the key will make( on occasion) a ticking sound. not always. after turning the key on and off several times the car will start. this is a tdi by the way. if i don't get the glow plug light, it won't start.
battery was draining overnight car had trouble starting crank for a while before it started but it ran good changed out the starter know when you turn the key on everything goes dead on the car it is a 2001 TDI Volkswagen Jetta
I have a diesel TDI and the car will turn off suddenly and will not restart. Usually when this happens is during wet conditions. The car may restart after awhile or I will have to get it towed. The dealership says its the fuel filter, but I have had the filter changed 4 times in less than 30,000.
Haven't fixed it--radio suddenly stopped working 2 months ago. Then battery, which was original, died, and because the car is five years old and the mileage so high we figured it was time for a new one. So we replaced the battery (gel batteries are expensive!) one week prior to going on vacation for two weeks. Came home today and the electrical short has discharged the new battery--which, outside the car, is charging again. We would really like some insight on troubleshooting this. The check engine light has been on for 20,000 miles due to an electrical issue; the check license light warning is intermittent when the light functions, etc. We previously had to replace the compressor and now believe it failed due to these electrical problems which appear to be systemic with VW.
Car dies quietly, while driving. Happened twice. First time, the dashboard lights started acting funny. I turned off the a/c and radio, then it got better until I reached my first destination - dropping my friend off. While I was in idle, it died. Got a quick jump from a Samaritan, then it started. Then it died again, two blocks away. The AAA battery "expert" tried to jump start it with a portable charger, to no avail. It sounded very weak when it turned. In fact, it was so weak, that I had to tape garbage bags over the windows, because they were stuck open and wouldn't close, when I had it towed back to my place. The radio, trunk, windows...nothing had power. I charged it with a plug in charger overnight, and it only charged a little. Then I jump charged it with my mom's car - but I revved her engine for a good five minutes, on and off. That worked. It started and ran fine for three weeks. Then it started weakly sometimes. After a long drive, I turned both the ac and the radio on and it died. I don't think it's the fuel pump, like the tow driver suggested, because there was no indication that the engine was being starved of fuel. Just paid 200 bucks to have it towed again. In addition, my door locks have always acted tempermental. The driver side and passenger side door locks don't always respond when I use the key fob.
fans keep running after the car was shut off. He started the car again, got the fans to go off, but it still drained the battery somehow. Have not been able to figure it out, or get it fixed
Something is draining battery intermittently. Killed battery and would no longer hold a charge. Alternator was checked and ok. Had to get a new battery and the same thing happened. Taking to mechanic today.
Jumpstarted battery. Indicator says it is still a good one. Car will not restart even when battery is charged for more than 2 hours. The alternator gauge indicator light is not on.
This is a 1999 Golf Automatic (Gasoline.)
The car will not start despite charging up the battery. The starter will click but will not turn over.
Te rear window wiper will not turn off when switched to 'off'
The engine would cut off completely in random locations but most notably in the fast lane on the highway. The wiring harness had to be replaced for the engine and it was covered under warranty.