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Q: dies without warning but starts up a few minutes after with no problem on 1994 Cadillac Seville SLS

while driving the car would stall out at random, either coasting or accelerating and the steering would get VERY hard to turn. the radio would still work fine and there is no check engine light that illuminates. this seems to happen once after a long time and then happen faster and faster. i am not a fast driver and i dont have a heavy foot if that matters at all. the car has 33,000 miles on it and has been pampered all its life but needless to say it is a 94. any ideas so this can be fixed? my friend who had a 94 accord had a simmilar problem and after replacing the fuel pump and filter he got the computer replaced and it hasnt happened to him since. also i see the rpm needle shakes a little but generally stays around 600 rpm's if thats normal for the car and if i try to start it immidiatly after it seems to be a 50/50 shot if it will crank over but if i wait a little it works good as new. any ideas guys? thanks!
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one possibility is you have a bad crank or cam sensor, hold the off & warmer buttons on you climate control module to check for codes. after you hold the buttons it will display codes in the info display. if you suspect your fuel pump then take the plastic cover off of your engine & look on the fuel rail for a small plastic cap with a valve that looks like a tire valve underneath. when the car stalls push the valve & fuel sprays all over it's not the fuel pump. in '94 cadillacs still had distributors which would also be a liekely cause of this symptom. if you get a cam/crank sensor code suspect the distributor because that's where the signal is generated.
i just went through this with my 94 seville sls. When I would take it to mechanics (near where it would decide to quit on any paticular day lol) they couldn't get any where because it would run fine once they went to "fix it". i then took it to my expensive but knowledgeable mechanic he trouble shot it and found it to be the map senser he changed. He said once he figured out what was wrong it took only a few minutes to remove and replace. The part was cheap too. He charged me $332 total! I hope this saves someone some cash!
I had similiar problem. The solution was to reconnect the air filter to the air hose. When these become separated the engine will stall at idle speeds causing you to lose steering and control
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