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Q: dies when idling on 2002 Kia Sedona

for over 3 years now, i have been having issues with my van dying while idling at lights, stop signs etc. I notice that my rpms drop when idling as well. i have had the van in numerous time and no one can find the problem. of course they cannot duplicate the problem while the car is in the shop so that doesn't help. On numerous occasions the "check engine" light will also go on. It shows the mass air flow sensor to be problem and they have replaced it 3 times. i don't think that's the problem. i think something else is causing it to read that. The problem is intermedanat. i can almost tell when i start the car that i'm going to have a problem by the way the car is running. can you provide me with any educated solutions? other than this issue, this has been a great van.
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I'm wondering what codes came up in the past to lead a dealer to condemn the MAF sensor no less than 3 times. Bizarre. Your concern sounds like maybe a very intermittent fuel pressure issue (have fuel pressure tested for pressure then also bleed down over 20 minutes...if it drops, it's sign of a pump issue...), a possible vacuum leak that is intermittent from swelling seals, or some kind of other intake issue. Perhaps try a different repair facility/dealer that will have a fresh perspective. Best of luck!
Same problem. Bought at a used car dealer and 1 day later having problems. Took it to mechanic and told me that it was a electrical problem problem between the signal of the throttle position sensor (TPS) and the inlet computer or whatever the sensor sends its signal. He couldn't fix it, so have to take it to another mechanic to get it fixed.
g only 3 years ?? y not wait till your sure u have a real problem or it may just go away
You're helpful. Brave too.
It is an issue as it has made the car undependable when you take it out of the garage. 3 years... If it were going to go away on it's own, I think it would have by now. I am looking for constructive comments here, yours is not helpful.
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