Q: Died on the highway, Cranks but won't start. Sparks on cylinder 1 only. on 1996 Toyota Camry

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The car died on the highway while my wife was driving. I can not get it to start, it cranks but will not start and the crank sounds normal. It only sparks on the first cylinder, the one on the end of the passenger side. I checked the wires and plugs and they seem to be fine. I replaced the distributor cap and rotor and the igniter. I also checked voltage and resistance on ignition coil, can shaft sensor and crank sensor and they are 12v and normal resistance according to specs. I am truly out of ideas for what could be the problem.
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Now you say you have spark on only one wire?? Is it good HOT- BLUE spark at the end of the wire that hooks to the plug? Need to know that next.
IF the other wires are not producing the same spark, recheck the cap and rotor! If it were anything else you should not have spark at all on any of the wires! Does this one have the external coil, or is the coil inside of the distributor? There are 2 different systems; Fed. and CA. emissions are different!
It's is external, I replaced the cap and rotor. I also checked the coil for proper voltage and resistance. It was ok.
This may sound silly but make sure that one wire that has the spark is not pluged into the coil itself. Otherwise you have a cap or rotor problem!! If one wire sparks, so should the others!
If the cap and rotor are new what coukd be a possible problem with them? Also do you have any ideas why am I not getting and error codes from the OBD2?
That question can only be answered by actually 'looking' at the parts for any sign of damage etc. Sorry i can't be of more help.
I took the cap off and found out that the rotor does not turn when I crank. Possible problems?
Timing belt is defective as the next answer suggested!!!
The "crank sounds normal" and 'spark' threw me off! Obviously it is spinning faster than normal with the engine out of time! Have the belt and ALL timing componets replaced with a kit that includes the water pump. Also all oil seals on the front of the engine. Not an interference engine, thank goodness!
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