Q: diagnostics check shows 10 different codes ranging from camshaft etc. won't run on 2005 Ford Expedition

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Vehicle has new fuel pump,fuel filter, fuel pump driver module, battery, throttle positioning sensor, accellerator pedal unit. The diagnostics codes that have been pulled up are: Camshaft positioning sensors(bank A & B);turbo sensor wastegate high; O2 sensor heater; Fuel rail pressure sensor; EVAP purge valve fault; EVAP vent malfunction; Torque converter circuit electrical; Shift solenoid malfunction;Pressure control solenoid A control circuit low. What's next? The PCM unit?
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IF the car is not running many of those codes may be 'false'. Any item(s) unplugged while key on engine off? Tell us more accurate detail on history (what led up to its' not running).
Problem solved! The fuel pump driver module, located above the spare tire, was corroded through and shorted out. Poorly designed mounting for an electronic control module that has a sealed aluminium housing. New unit is mounted with spacers to keep corrosion to a minimum.