Q: Detailed instructions to replace ignition switch. on 1998 Saturn SC2

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When ignition key turned -- nothing! No solenoid click -- no lights dim, no curent to scanner. All equipment, headlights, horn,wipers, air, etc works. Some lights in instrument panel comes on when key is turned but nting else. Sterter tuns over (not engegae) when shorting the two larger posts at solenoid. Canget the starter to engage when shorting between the ignition post and the battery and the other large post (post with wire from solenoid to starter) at the solenoid. Also once in awhile (very seldom) when openingthe door to get in, the interior lights and the dorr alarm (beep) will come on, and the engine will crank and start when turning the ignition key! I truly believe the problem is in the ignition switch, so I need help here
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