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Q: Denied front rotor replacements b/c i declined $600 additional bearings work... on 1997 Honda Accord

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Regarding 4dr 97 honda accord v6 sedan

I went to get my brake pads replaced and also ended up doing the rotors and one of the upper control arm with ball joint on one side only, alignment. Everything went pretty smooth for the rear. When it came to my front rotors, it was a disaster! I dropped off the car. Few hrs later got a phone calll stating that the bearings were really bad and then they estimated the price for me. I told him the bearings for 600 is too much. I did not want the bearings done: i only want them to replace the fronts rotors. Then he stated that i would need to purchase the bearings in order for them to do the rotors. I told him that i only wanted the rotors done. Then he stated that he will instruct them to put the brakes back on and put my car out in the parking so i can pick it up. So.... My question is could i have gotten my front rotors replaced with new ones without having to purchase the new barring?
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I originally only went in to do my brakes. They were squeaking and i had a metal to metal grinding noise all the time, while stopping or moving. I knew i needed the pads and rotors, which was fine with me. But in the end, Got all brake pads replaced, the rear rotors replaced, one upper control arm with ball joint on one side replaced, and alignment done, costing me about 755.00 already. Then all of a sudden in order for them to do the front rotors i have to do another service for 600 + 155 front rotor = 755(front) + 755(rear) =1500 would have been my total.
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They should have inspected it better then that, they aligned it that way as well. Something wrong there, or course if they did the brake job, they should work with you as well. If you brought it in here the first time, I would have rejected the total job if you didn't want it done right, but them doing the job then turning it away, after finding the issue???
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If the bearing is bad I would not want the libilty of doing and brake work. But to be sure you can take your car to another shop for a second opinion.
What im confused and mad about is they completed the rear services, completed half of the front services, and got $755 for it. Gave me a quote of the front rotor parts for 150, no labor, and then all of a sudden bring up Another 600 service and refuse to continue if i dont get that service.
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Your Honda uses a "captive" rotor design. In order to service the front rotors the bearings will be required. It is a bit more work than a standard brake job.
I understand that the part may be needed but would it really be 600 more added? And plus would t they have known that bearrings will be needed? I think the person didnt realize how much work it was going to be before they actually started on my car. On the first day they said my car would be done in 3 hrs (pads,rotors,arm with ball joint, n alignment). But Ive brought my car three days in a row to that place and only on the first day was work done. The second day they supposedly couldnt get to it. And the last day they wouldnt continue unless i added the 600 bearrings. On the first day i believe they had to call other people for tools and such and on top of that the front desk guy gave me a low quote, which possibly meant that they didnt realize my rotors were the press on ones. And on all three says they would bit give me a time on completion. They would only say my car needed 3 1/2 - 5 hrs to complete and will notify me. I did not get any documentations from them on the second and third day my car was there which makes me wonder if they broke something on the first day cuz they kept calling people and some people came with a bag full of tools and such. How would/could i have someone inspect the work done on my car? And how would i know if it was damaged due to wear n tear or if it by people who incorrectly fixed them?
It's not difficult to remove the hubs on a captive rotor with the right tools. You have to use a puller to remove the ball joints so they're not destroyed. Remove the knuckle/rotor/hub assembly, remove the hub nut, and press/pull off the hub gently.

Most likely the guys hammered the ball joints out, and tried to hammer off the hub. That'll screw the wheel bearings in no time. There's NO reason to pay for wheel bearings when changing a captive rotor. The bearings/seals themselves are like 50$ max/wheel and take 30 min - 1 hr to press in. Max 350$ to press in new bearings on those hubs, these guys are takin you to town.

This shop was overcharging you, and doesn't know how to do the job. Move on to the next place.
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