Q: Dead instrument panel led to the car stalling and won't restart on 2001 Saturn SL1

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I have a 2001 Saturn sl1 and have a instrument panel problem. On a 30 mile trip to work one day, I looked down at the dash, and it was basically dead. I had no readings for my gas gauge, odometer, speedometer, rpm, or the trip odometer. The security light and the service light was on as well as the gas light (since the gas gauge went to nothing, the light came on - it had over 1/2 a tank in it). The car was still running fine, so I drove it for approximately 20 more miles then it died. After it died, it would still turn over but just won't start. My turn signals, emergency lights, and inside and outside lights work properly. My clock, radio, windshield wipers and air all work as well.

I've troubleshooted some and have determined that it's not a fuse problem. None of the relays are specific to that area either. In fact I switched the fan blower relay with the ign. mod. relay and the fan blower sill worked fine. It doesn't make sense to me that it could be an alternator problem but I've been wrong before.

Any suggestions out there?
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Sounds like an alternator as you suggested. Recommend a charging test on batt, starter and alt. When the alternator goes bad it doesn't properly recharge the battery. The battery is working overtime and will drain out if not recharged. The items will work intil there isn't much juice left in the batt.
I disagree. My 2001 Saturn L300 has an instrument panel problem too. Sometimes all the warning lights illuminate and tach, MPH, gas gage ,& temp gae are working. Other times everything doesn't work. Other times some gages will work and others will not. I've been driving it for the last 9 months like that! Anyone have such a thing like this?
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