Q: Dead battery won't jump on 1994 Plymouth Voyager

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I drove into work this morning and left the headlights on by accident. When I went out to go to lunch car was totally dead. Went to jump it and relays clicked a few times, waited a little longer and then all dash lights lit up I turned the key and nothing. NOW car is totally dead and won't take the jump start.

No lights anywhere, no dash lights, no clicking when turning the key.

Van used to start immediately, battery 1 year old.

(1) Answer
It is possible your battery is to dead to jump using the cables that you have. First make sure the battery connections are clean and tight. Try jumping your 1999 Plymonth Voyager using some heavy duty jumper cables. Make sure all the connections are good. Run the engine in the vehicle you are using to jump your Van. If none of this works you may need to replace your battery to get your van started.
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