Q: Daytime running lights not working on 1996 GMC Suburban 1500

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I have checked and and replaced all the fuses....still no daytime running lights. I met some good old boy who said it was the resistor under the dash? Can you please give some detailed repair direction please? Thanks for your time. Pete
(1) Answer
my 96 had te same issue. in front of your right knee there is a hump in the under dash panel on the right side of the steering wheel. this hump is hiding the resistor in question. the resistor is connected to a large aluminum heat sink. Take your out and check the gm part number. there were 2 kinds of these resistors that look very similar, hence check your part number. i believe they are under 50 bucks. lets face it though, save the money and just flip your light switch or leave them off. chances are, with the increased resistance load of an aging illumination system, chances are the replacement wont last as long as the original. Also, it is not connected to any other systems.