Q: Dashboard Lights Out on 1997 Buick Century

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How do I fix the Light on the Dashboard?
Where Do I look?
Also Right Blinker is out.
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Are all of the dash lights out? If so look in the fuse box for the PANEL DIMMING or INST fuse 7.5a. With the park lamps on there should be power to the fuse. If the fuse has power make sure the fuse is good. If not check and make sure the park lights are working.
My dash lights and rear illuminators are out, I know the fuse is blown, and I replaced it. The fuse then repeatedly blows which might indicate a short. Does anyone know where the short might be located? I have already checked the trunk harness/tube/cable and it appears no breaks in the wires there.
I had the same problem when i bought my 97 buick century you need to replace the fuse -60$ sorry the back of the fuse brackedt did the same thing you need to replace the socket thingy:P I TRIED THE SAME THING TWICE AND IT BURNT OUT AS WELL