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Q: dashboard is lighting up with a lot of warning lights on 2005 BMW 745Li

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dynamicdrive inactive' warning light comes on, then all the other lights follows suit, with the addition of the whole dashboard blinking off & on, with the car momentarily losing power.
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'04 745 LI - cold start leads to all warning lights with final transmission fail safe mode.

Brought it to ENI Motor Sports of Brookfield CT, they load tested everything, battery was cranking at 840 amps, car requires 900 amps, bought new OEM battery for 289.00. Finally, mechanic, dropped the exhaust to get access to the transmission cable connector (large cable). cleaned it, reset pins and wow - no more problems (no parts). They also fixed a warning on the rear restraint belt (nothing more than a loose wire) - total bill including install and test drive and hold for 3 days to ensure no more problems -under 600 (the battery half the price). Love these guys - two men - both owners
Hey there im having a really bad problem with my 04 745

Story is i experienced the famous bracket leak. So my car was spitting oil nasty went thru 10!qts just to get to the nearest mechanic ,luckly no internal damage got that bracket leak fixed , but before finishing the job. The mechanic called me amd said my original alternater had alot pf oil inside and all over due to the bracket leak. So i replaced the alternator , i had never experoenced the next pulled it put the shop back home ,5 min away from home my car was on but my dash and navi were completely out i pulled over and turned the car off removed the iey and turned it back on and everything was perfect no codes i give it gas abd it died again car still runs but no ac no dash no drove it like that and power came back but its throwing all kings of codes ñoike transmission failsafe,abs,dynamic drive,brake, can i get help pls
My 04 745 Li is now doing this exact same thing....what was wrong wqith yours? did you ever figure this out?
I had my batt checked at auto zone and it was fine. I then put it back in the car to have the entire charging system checked. the alternator failed reading low voltage but i dont show a dash light saying atternator problem. should i go ahead and get alternator replaced being that it is sending low voltage? dash lightrs that come on while driving include dynamic drive inactive, abs warning then trans failure ifi dont pull over right away. once i restart the car all the light go out for 20 min or so. does this sound like the sysytem is shutting everything off in efforts of just using whats needed to run the vehicle? i wanted to replace alternator but want to be sure that this is the problem.
I have the same problem I changed 2 alternator in 3 weeks , and today my car died on my driveway. If you find what was the problem with your car, please let me know, i am desperate cause I spend a lot of money and the same problem is coming back over and over again. Please send me a mesage to Thank you.
If the car is losing power it may cause all your light to come on you should check your charging system alternator, battery.
No one really knows. That model is far too complicated to figure out. Those kids in the back trying to diagnose the problem will just start replacing things at your expense. They don't care how much it costs either. But keep track of everything and make sure they give you all the "bad" parts back. Because you may as well put them all back in and ask for the labor back when $1500 later.....they still haven't correctly diagnosed or fixed the problem.
Sup man the same thing happens to me, i took it to Bmw and they told me it was my front sway bar actuator leaking hydraulic fluid or something its like a $2,500 job... = (
same thing is happing with my 04 745.. took it in to bmw and after a week of looking around they found i was leaking hydraulic fluid in the trunk on top of some cpu..
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