Q: Dashboard on 2001 Buick LeSabre

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Dashboard is separating by front windshield, needs adhesive applied where vinyl attaches to metal. How do you remove the vinyl part in order to apply the adhesive?
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I fixed mine for $150.00. If interested contact me at I will send info and pictures. JJ
I want to know how you repaired the dashboard for $150.00 dollars contact me at
Good morning,
I have sent an email to you with the information. Pl ease confirm that you have received it. Thanks, JJ
Very timely for me to see this answer. I have a 2001 LeSabre that has the same problem.
Hey James I just emailed you and hope you can send me the pictures and the directions.
All the best!
Hello, thanks for your post, I would like the same info if possible. I'm trying to maKe my mom happy, she loves this car.
I emailed you also.
I want to make it stop pulling away and have it look respectable.

A few years ago, the buick dealership did something for it and it was OK for a few years.
They are closed now and I could not find out what they did.

Thank you so much in advance.

I had the same problem with the same car. I tried to glue and used over a hundred pounds of weights to hold down, let sit for four days. First day in the sun and it pealed back up but looked way worse due to the streched glue. I ended up removing the dash and riviting the pad down, has held but does not look the best, the actual dash had shrunk back about an inch and a half.
Thanks for the response. It might be best just to leave it alone. I can't even figure out where to begin removing the dash. I did take it to the dealer, but of course they wanted to replace the entire dashboard for $1250.00. If I could get the vinyl part off, I might be able to snap it back on correctly. I'm pretty sure the dashboard wasn't properly snapped together on the assembly line. Thanks again for your help.
IF YOU ARE STILL INTERESTED PLEASE EMAIL ME AT I will send pictures an info on how I fixed mine for $150.00.

Thanks, Jim J
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