Q: Dash Water Light on 2000 Toyota Echo

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I just purchased my car. The water light on the dash lite up then turned off. I am wondering if it goes on when it needs to be warmed up in the morning. After I let it warm up the light went off. I was about to check the water but it did not light up again.
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From my understanding, the blue light goes off when the gear oil has heated up to the proper temperature, and it is safe then to use fifth gear. Disclaimer: I did not have an owner's manual for my Echo, and found this out second-hand.
I wanted to thank all three for responding to my question. Your help and just taking the time to assist me is greatly appreciated!
The water light will go on when the engine is cold, then when the engine reaches the proper temperature the light will go off. This is normal. When the light is on, do not race the engine, just start the car and don't drive too fast until the light is off.
Could be moisture that shorts out the bulb in instrument cluster,where the other idiot light bulbs are by their connections,could be wrong.I have a 2001 2 dr. coupe,std tranny,ac. Normally goes out with in minute or two depending on outside temp,heading off onto freeway. Jeff from WI.