Q: Dash lights/gages randomly popping on. on 2004 Chevrolet Express 2500

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Okay Here ya go. The van has 105 plus miles. Run well. This problem has the repair station stumped too. turn key, starts no problem. move gear shift (no problem with it moving to gear) the little light under P doesn't shift to R or D when i shift the gear it's delayed about 8-10 secs. Drive down the road and the ABS< Security< Battery< Check Gages lights come on meanwhile teh gas gage need goes from half a tank to show empty w idiot light on. They last for about oh 10 secs. Replaced the alternator. remove the towing hitch plug. SO WHAT do you suggest is the issue? IS it sfe to drive.
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Check the wiring connector that plugs into the alternator. Any signs of burnt terminals or damaged wiring? You were on the right track with the alternator; when goofy electrical things occur, usually that solves your problems. Double check your wiring now, and let's see if that plays into the issue.